You can directly download my detailed résumé here (pdf).


  • Airbus Defence & Space. (Feb 2018-now)
    Research on Artificial Intelligence methods applied to Satellites Ground Segments Infrastructures.
    Experience in: Machine Learning (SVM, SVD, PCA, k-NN, etc...), Deep Learning (MLP, CNN, RNN, LSTM, etc...) and Reinforcement Learning (Deep RL, Fuzzy RL, etc...)
    Mostly developing with Python using Tensorflow & Keras.
    In parallel, development of IT platform using several technologies such Google Cloud Platform & Kubernetes.

  • Greenwaves Technologies. (May 2017-Jul 2017)
    Built Convolution Neural Networks to do Image Classification (like MNIST & CIFAR10/100) using Python and Tensorflow.
    Developed a bridge between Tensorflow and another Deep Learning tool in C++.

  • Hunter Douglas Kadaň. (Jun 2016-Jul 2016).
    I started my career with an international internship in Czech Republic. I was working for Hunter Douglas, in their facility of Kadan.
    It was an operator training. I learned how to work in an International team (Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch,etc...). I Worked on several Production Line as an operator. I was in charge of analyzing current process and applied methods of Lean Manufacturing to improve the global process.


  • M.Sc, Signal & Image processing. (2017-2018)
    This master proposes the students to deepen their knowledge and develop their expertise in the field of digital signal and image processing, computer sciences and information technologies. A particular emphasis is put on fundamental modern tools for signal and systems modeling, information extraction from experimental data as well as information representation and conditioning.
    The program is dedicated to providing the students the necessary competencies to become creative specialists in various areas involving numerical technologies, such as biomedical signal processing, observational sciences (geosciences, monitoring, remote sensing,), artificial intelligence (machine learning, statistical inference, computational Bayes methods) to mention a few.

  • M.Eng, Signal Processing. (2016-2018)
    Master of Engineering specialized in Signal Processing, Machine/Deep Learning & Programming.
    I had the chance to take a wide variety of courses covering a large spectrum of domains.
    The objective of this Specialization is the training of high level engineers with expertise in signal processing, computers and electronics, capable of developing industrial projects in the relevant sectors.

  • B.Eng, Physics Electronics & Telecoms. (2015-2016)
    Bachelor of Engineering in Physics & Engineering Sciences.
    Specialized in Physics, Electronics & Telecom.
    Also had lectures regarding Quantum Mechanics, C Programming, Signal Processing, Economy...

  • Preparatory classes. (2013-2015)
    two-year undergraduate intensive course in Mathematics and Physics.
    Mainly interested in Functional Analysis, Linear Algebra, Topology, and Probabilities.